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How to vote correctly

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How to vote correctly

PostTue Mar 05, 2013 9:03 pm

Hi !
Since I have noticed that some people got problem with vote reward I though it wold be good to do it correctly:

Fast/simple way:
1. Go to main page of l2 Aeron
2. Just click two buttons on the page, there are on left the site
3. enter corect Captcha (corect code in first and second button)
4. Ingame just write ".getreward"
5. wait about 2-4 minuts to count if you vote correctly

IF fast way dont work just:
1. Click directly into this vote links AND or directly from hopzone site
2. enter corect Captcha (corect code in first and second button)
3. Ingame just write ".getreward"
4. wait about 2-4 minuts to count if you vote correctly

IF above didn't work:
1. vote again
2. ingame try to write .getreward (if you didnt vote correctly game will inform you about it OR if game didnt count vote points it will inform you "Still counting votes pls wait")
3. check backpack again
4. make sure that L2 Aeron is online hopzone and l2topzone are online aswell

I know it can be obvious or even you can call me Captain Obvious but anyway I hope that this help some people :)



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PostTue Mar 05, 2013 11:12 pm

LIME please put all the pvp zones on gk :) dont change them evey day:P !
antharas nest and valakas are good pvp zones and primerval isle the beach only is one from the bests!
if you want make any event :)
and make new thinks cause after some days server sometimes is boring make new thinks ;/ PVP colour names ...!
Grand bosses :antharas ,valakas ,
on raid bosses weapons Make halisha weap is good and very beautifull weap ...! tricksters are so low on this server ;/ check it ;/ to low make them a litle bit more OP a litle bit ...!
spectral masters very low ...! daggers to OP hiting 9K 6k 8 k dmg ;/
i think you have to chek them... but tricksters very low i try all the chars with +16 and with +20 armor/weaps and all the items full items;/! daggers very OP! (ghost hunters )
make some changes ;/
Put PETS we can ride ;/ like dragons ;/ (not flying ) tigers and will be prety good really ! hear me and you will see;)
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Re: How to vote correctly

PostWed Mar 06, 2013 10:07 am

this is very tarded tutorial...

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