Creating an account

Accounts are automatically created the first time you try to log in with one.

Do not use the same account+password combinations you have used in other servers or you risk being hacked.

Confirm your account via email for extra security! Account security is your own responsibility!

L2Aeron Updater (Recommended Installation)

Run the L2Aeron Updater inside the main Lineage 2 folder and it will automatically download everything you need.

Download Updater

Patch Download (Manual Installation)

Simply overwrite the files in your game directory with the ones provided with this patch.

Aeron Patch

Mirror 1

Client Download

If you don’t have a Lineage 2 High Five Part 5 Client, you can either run the L2Aeron Updater and let the updater download the client for you, or manually download the base game or the fully patched game from here.

Fully Patched Client

H5P5 Client