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Teleport everywhere with a few clicks!



Get ready for the battle using our amazing buffer interface. Supports up to 6 schemes. Easy and fast to use!



Buy everything you need. Earn materials and craft them into items and skins!


Class Manager

Manage your character classes like you never did before. Create as many subclases as you want. Select subclass skills. Select Pomander skills. Everything with a greatly intuitive interface.

Unique Skins System


Fully dress your character with a Suit Skin!


Change your weapon appearance for your favourite one!


Make your armors look the way you ever wanted!


Get over one of our fantastic mounts!


Customize your weapon enchant glow effect!

Disable Visuals

If you don’t like how the game looks with any of these elements just disable them! Disable options are: own skins, others skins and cloaks.

Daily Epic Raid Bosses

Bosses Every Day

Epic Raid Bosses will spawn randomly between 16:00 and 24:00 (UTC +1) from Monday to Friday.

Fight Enemies

Fight every enemy trying to steal the boss from you!

Epic Access

Conquest Epic Access with your group to enter the boss lair.

Epic Jewel Essence

Get Epic Jewel Essence and improve your jewels to a better version!

Automated Incursion Events

Play as a Boss

Transform into a big boss with powerful skills and defend yourself from all those players trying to hunt you down!

Play as a Hunter

Get yourself allied with an army of players and try to beat the boss together!



Register to Arena and fight other players within your Rank range.


Win matches and increase your Rank. The bigger Rank you have, the better rewards you get!

And Much More…

Weekly Sieges / TW

Safe/Max +16

PvP Zones

Balanced Classes

Automatic use of HP/CP/MP Potions

Unlimited Subclasses

Heroes Every Week

Start with Elegia items and Raid Jewels